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What is the thickener?

A rheological additive is a thickening agent , not only thicken the paint to prevent sagging under its construction , and can give coatings excellent mechanical properties and storage stability. For low viscosity water-based paint , it is very important class of additives.

There are water-based and oil-based points. In particular, the aqueous phase is more common thickeners . Essentially a thickener rheological additives , can regulate the rheological thickening agent , a thickening agent so that the adhesive and sealing to prevent the precipitation of the filler , to impart good mechanical stability of the construction process of the flow control TS ( did not sag when sizing no dripping , no flash liquid ) , also plays a role in reducing the cost .

Especially is important for the manufacture of adhesives and sealants , storage, use, and regulation can be improved viscosity, stable , anti-settling , infiltration reduction , anti- drip , thixotropic properties. [ 1 ]

Food grade thickeners - prime meat is an aqueous phase thickener, but it is also an oil phase thickener, that is, it can be a lot of water -absorbent, can form a gel absorbent 30 times, 50 = -100 times the absorbent can into a paste , water 100-200 times , you can make the water and contain protein , fat formation system richness , strong texture . Vegetarian meat is extracted from the marine algae and terrestrial plants konjac , algae will grow in the process of photosynthesis , carbon dioxide is absorbed by the sea , good for the environment , add meat in vegetarian foods , but also a love of the earth , green way of life.